Pyle, Katherine

Katherine Pyle Studied art at the Philadelphia School of Design for Women and in her brother’s illustration class at Drexel Institute. Two of her drawings were exhibited in the first exhibition of Pyle’s School of Illustration at Drexel in 1897. While living in New York for four years, she wrote a play published by Ladies […]

Plaisted, Elenore (Abbott) (1875-1935)

Elenore Plaisted was born in  Lincoln, Maine. She married C. Yarnell Abbott and lived for a time in Rose Valley, Moylan, Pennsylvania. She studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, the Philadelphia School  of Design for Women, and in Paris before entering the Drexel  Institute, where she studied with Howard Pyle in 1899. […]

Pfeifer, Herman (1874-1931)

Herman Pfeifer studied with Howard Pyle in Wilmington during 1903 and 1904.  He illustrated “The Other Side of the Door”, by Lucia Chamberlain and “Half a Chance” by Frederick S. Ishlam, both published in 1909.

Perrett, A. Louise

A. Louise Perrett was born in Chicago Illinois.  She studied art with John Carlson at the Art Institute of Chicago.  She occupied a studio in Wilmington in 1905 and presumably attended John Pyle’s lectures.  Perrett was a member of the Chicago Society of Art and the Oak Park, River Forrest, and Austin Art League in […]

Peixotto, Clifford

Peixotto described one sketching trip they made together: “Mr. Pyle and I were both engaged upon illustrations for the same book and this was a bond between us which soon ripened into a good friendship.  In his buggy he used to stop for me at the inn, and we went sketching together up the valley […]

Peck, Henry Jarvis (1880-unknown)

In December 1901, Peck came to  Wilmington to study with Howard Pyle.  He was one of Pyle’s twelve students who worked in the three  studios next to Pyle’s 1305 Franklin Street Studio. Peck worked  with Pyle for approximately three years and then moved to a studio  at 804 Orange Street. In 1906, Peck and Ashley […]

Parrish, Maxfield (1870-1966)

Parrish also audited some classes of Howard Pyle at the Drexel Institute for a short period of time. Pyle reportedly told Parrish to develop his individual style because he had already mastered the technical aspect of illustration. At Drexel, Parrish met his future wife, Lydia Austin (1872-1953), who was an instructor at the school. They […]

Palmer, Samuel M.

Practically no information about Samuel M. Palmer has been found, odd in view of the fact that he seems to have been a student of whom Howard Pyle was fond and who, therefore, must have had promise. He studied with Pyle in 1903 and later had a studio at 1020 Chestnut Street in Philadelphia. He […]

Oakley, Violet

Violet Oakley studied at the Art Students League in New York and after almost a year left for Paris to study with a noted portraitist of the day, Edmund Aman Jean. She also spent a summer studying in England. In 1896 she returned to Philadelphia and enrolled at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. […]

Oakley, Thornton

‘There we four —   my new cronies — Allen Tupper True, George Harding, Gordon McCouch and I — made our first sketches, from a model, and our effots were frightful to behold! Not one of us had had a palette in our hands ever before: I had not the least idea as to prceedure.  My […]