The Storm Was on Them



FES Title: The storm was on them.
Alternate Titles: The Test
Date: 09/1904
Size: 20″H x 15″W
Medium: charcoal-chalk-illustr
Type: illustration
Published: Beach, Rex E. “The Test.” McClure’s Magazine, December 1904: 158.
caption: “The storm was on them, roaring down from every side, swooping out of the boiling sky”Reed, Walt. 50 Great American Illustrators. New York: Crown Publishers Inc., 1979: 97.
caption: Illustration for “The Test,” by Rex Beach Published by McClure’s magazine, December, 1904 Collection of the authorReed, Walt. Great American Illustrators. New York: Abbeville Press, 1979: 139.
caption: The Test
Inscription: ll: F.E. Schoonover
ll: to Mead Schaeffer / from his friend the artist / Frank E. Schoonover / June 4, 1938
Annotations: en verso on label: These drawings are not well fixed / please handle carefully.

en verso on label: No. 13511 / Article: Test/ Schoonover

en verso on label: Schoonover Studios Ltd. label / Artist: Frank R. Schoonover / Title: The Test / Date: 1900 / Medium: Charcoal + wax crayon / Size: 21″ x 15″ / #226 in daybooks

Comments: TP 3/31/06; tearsheets in file; index; edit
Commentary: The notation in the day books indicates ‘monotone’, which Schoonover executed in shades of umbers.
Provenance: Given by the artist to Mead Scheaffer (June 4, 1938); Walt Reed, New York (as of 1979); Brock Vinton, Wilmington, Delaware; private collection